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Barrels by Rhineland Arms
 Barrel production to start back up in late June. Barrels will be shipping in July 2017
We will be introducing a new line of barrels for the Mauser and Savage centerfire rifles

If you would like to be put on our motification list for barrels, please send an email to
 let us know the rifle, calibier and barrel profile you would like.

Pictures coming soon July 2017
450 Bushmaster barrels.
Twist, 1-16
Length, 16.5"
Muzzle threads, 3/4-24
Chamber, Fully chambered
Lock system, lock ring
Profile, heavy sporter
Rifle-Mauser (large and small), all Savage
Price, $135.00

 45acp Military  barrels  
Twist, 1-16
Length, 16.5
Muzzle threads, .578-28
Chamber, Fully Chambered
Lock system, lock ring
Profile, Military prifle or Sporter
Rifle type Mauser large and small only.
Price, $100.00

300 Blackout barrels
Twist 1-8
Length 16.5"
Muzzle Threads, 5/8-24
Chamber-full chamber
Lock system, lock ring
Material 4140 steel
finsh QPQ
Profile, Sporter
Rifle type-All Savage rifles only
Price $140
7.62*39 Russian
Twist 1:9.5
Length 16.5" sporter or 18" Bull barrel
Muzzle Threads 5/8-24
Chamber-Full chamber
Lockin system-lock ring
Material 4140
Profile bull or sporter
Rifle type-All Savage and all Mausers
Price $100


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