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Barrels by Rhineland Arms

New medium bull barrel profile for 308 and 450bushmaster barrels
If you are looking to customize your bolt action into a hard hitting brush rifle or surplus ammo shooter we have a barrel for you. All of our barrels feature the Savage style lock nut system and full length chambers, so anybody wtih some skill and re-rebarrel their rifle. Our barrels are air guaged and feature extremelly tight, full length chambers. All chambers are cut using SAMMI spec reamers.  We do leave a semi rough texture on the outside of the barrels for a better way to get a matt finish using a combo of QPQ/Paint or Phosphate/paint etc. Our short, fat barrels are built for hunting in thick brush for hog, etc using supressors for creating a thumper scout rifle. 

We now offer all steel barrels with a QPQ treatment for the best in corrosion resistance. The barrels in the above picture have QPQ. It is a very black finish.

If you would like to be put on our motification list for barrels, please send an email to let us know the rifle, caliber and barrel profile you would like.
  Production schedule of barrels
 Mauser small ring 450 Bushmaster barrels will run 10/9
Mauser 308 Winchester bull barrels 10/16
Savage 300 AAC Blackout barrels will run 10/23

Mauser conversions Savage Conversions Remington 700 conversions
 Rhineland Arms has been making Mauser conversion kits for a long time. Some of the conversions are 45acp, 7.62*39, 308 Winchester and now the 450 Bushmaster. 

The new Mauser 7.6*39 barrels feature a .308 bore for custom reloads and max accuracy.

If our 45acp is too small for your needs, try our 450 Bushmaster conversion for the Mauser. It will turn any large or small ring surplus rifle into a hard hitting, hog busting rifle. We have found this round works perfect out of the surplus Spanish Mausers as well as the K98 very reliably using the fixed box mag. However you may need to widen your bolt rails a bit.

Our new round of barrels will feature medium profile sporter barrels as well as a medium weight bull barrel profile. All will have threaded muzzles.

We are working on a new magazine adapter to be a drop in replacement for Savage long actions that will allow the use of standard magazines. This will allow the reliable use of 450 Bushmaster, 223, 7.62*39 and 300 blackout. We expect to have these in late October.  We will also have barrels for all the above calibers.

Se below for more information.


We will begin making barrels for the venrable Remington 700 using the full length chamber and Rem/Age barrel lock nuts.

Our first barrels will be 450 Bushmaster barrels. We will add barrels though out the year.

Mauser Bull barrels in  308 Winchester
Twist, 1-10
Length, 18"
Muzzle threads, 5/8-24
Chamber, Fully chambered
Steel-416 Stainless Steel
Lock system, lock ring
Profile, medium bull barrel OD .90"
11 degree crown
Small and large ring actions
Price $135.00

Mauser 308
WARNING-Small ring actions. Only use late model German, Sweedish or Turk Mausers in perfect condition for the 308-due to the high pressure.

Mauser Bull barrels in  450 Bushmaster
Twist, 1-16
Length, 18"
Muzzle threads, 3/4-24
Chamber, Fully chambered
Steel-4140 carbon steel
Lock system, lock ring
Profile, hmedium bull OD .90"
11 degree crown
Only small ring in stock at this time
Price $135.00

Mauser 450bullbarrels

Mauser 450 Bushmaster barrels.
Twist, 1-16
Length, 16.5"
Muzzle threads, 3/4-24
Chamber, Fully chambered
Lock system, lock ring
Profile, heavy sporter
Rifle-Mauser (large and small),
Now available with QPQ
Price, $135.00+Shipping

 Mauser 450 Bushmaster sporter barrels


Savage 450 Bushmaster barrels
Twist, 1-16
Length, 18"
Muzzle threads, 3/4-24
Chamber, Fully chambered
Lock system, lock ring
Profile, heavy sporter
 Rifle-Savage (in stock)
Now available with QPQ
Price $135.00

Sporter Profile
Savage rifle systems-now in stock

We are working on a new magazine adapter for the Savage rifles that will allow the use of a common magazine that will then allow the Savage rifle to feed 450 Bushmaster, 223, 7.62*39 and 300AAC Blackout.
We will be offering barrels in all these calibers for the Savage rifles.

 Mauser 7.62*39 Russian Barrels

Twist 1:10
Length 16.5" sporter and military profiles
Muzzle Threads 5/8-24-sporter
Muzzle threads .578-28-military
Chamber-Full chamber
Lock system-lock ring
Material 4140
Profile bull or sporter
Rifle type-All Savage and all Mausers
Sale Price $105.00-regularly $140
Rhineland Arms 7.62*39 Russian Barrels-in stock

 For theabundant surplus 7.62*39 Russian, we have a new barrel for your surplus Mauser action. We have designed a barrel that features a chamber capable of running all surplus ammunition, as well as higher quality ammo and reloads using 308 bullets. Our bore is a 308 bore and this barrel can take maximum advantage of ammunition unsing the 308 bullet. Please note that some factory US rounds appear to be using 308 bullets.

The barrel is made of 416 Stainless and features a threaded muzzle with an 11 degree crown. Due to the stainless steel we did raise the price just a bit.

Mauser 7.62*39 stainless

Savage 300 AAC Blackout barrels
Twist 1-8
Length 18"
Muzzle Threads, 5/8-24
Chamber-full chamber
Lock system, lock ring
Material 4140 steel
finsh QPQ
Profile, medium Bull barrel
Rifle type-All Savage rifles only
Price $125
 Coming December 2017 

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