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The Savage MK2 Leopard stock

The Rhineland Arms Leopard stock  is back in production with some new  changes to allow for higher production levels.

 This stock is  made of solid American walnut  with a straight grain pattern to the wood.  Features include a adjustable check rest and butt pad. The cheek rest is made of a medium hard rubber as is the butt-pad. The barrel is free floated and you can use barrel size up to 1" including a suppressor.   Multiple hard points on the sides, bottom and front allow for mounting accessories. Lock knobs are military pattern.  The black version is built with a wood core and features a non-slip texture and is ready for your action, simply drop in and go.

 The  check rest is adjusted using locking knobs located on the sides and the recoil pad is now adjusted with flushed mounted nuts on both sides for a rigid lockup. The butt pad will give a length of pull of 13.5-15". The check rest has a adjustability of 1".This stock will not work with the stock iron sites as the check rest is too high. You do need a scope with medium high rings.

This stock will work with the new model "E" receiver for the Savage Mk 2, Mkii, MK ii rifle, TR, TRR, FV, FV SR----as well as the MAGNUM versions

NOTICE---We make these stocks with a very tight fit to the receiver. You may have to open the inside of the stock up a bit, and maybe the mag well area also.

Walnut version, sold in unfinished form. Detail pictures of the inletting shown below. The Leopard stock features nearly a 1/2" of wood under the mounting bolts.

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Made in the USA