These are some instructions for helping the beginner on taking your Mauser rifle apart. The rifle in the pictures is a Yugoslavian M48, it is very similar to the other Mauser variants. For the purpose of these instructions, we have chosen to use only tools that should be available in most homes, nothing high-tech here.  More pictures coming soon.

Step one.

Remove the trigger guard and magazine plate.


Step two

Remove the front end parts. Begin with the front band by pressing the front section of the band spring. These are usually pretty stiff.  
Remove the lower band  
Remove the top hand guard, the barreled action should now lift out of the stock  

Step three

Remove the bolt, just turn the safety on and pull back, when it stops lift the ejector out and finish pulling the bolt out.
Diss-assemble the bolt and clean it, simply turn the rear section counter clock wise and it will unscrew. You may have to push the little pin in, the one the screwdriver is pointing to in the picture.  This is as far as I recommend that you pull it apart for general cleaning.

Step 4

Remove the front sight, first remove the hood, then remove the sight post by using a punch and knocking it out. There is a set screw underneath the sight post. Remove it, if it is stuck then use a torch and heat it up until you see the cosmoline start to bubble, it should come right out now. Now install a receiver wrench on the receiver and place the front sight between 2 blocks of wood and rotate the wrench handle, this will cause the soder to break and the front sight can now be tapped off
The rear sight is a little more difficult, first remove the screw. and then place the sight in a vise like above and repeat procedure. Blurry picture!

Step four

Remove the barrel, this is nearly impossible if you do not have at least a receiver wrench. I highly recommend ours at $34, they are the strongest one made. if you don't want to buy a barrel vise then use the largest vise you can get a hold of and BOLT IT to the strongest and most rigid table you can find. Now insert the barrel straight into the vise chaws, "this will destroy the barrel". Now use a cheater bar at least 3 feet long and clamp the jaws as tight as you can get them. Now install the receiver wrench and slide a cheater bar around 3-5 feet long into the upper tube and turn or push the handle counter-clock wise. You will hear a sharp snap, that means you have gotten the barrel lose. Now just remove it.
Notes, if your vise table bends or the barrel slips just the least bit then you will never get the barrel out. Note. the cheater bar sticking out the receiver wrench handle.