Mauser 45acp conversion help


This section is for those of you working on or have experienced problems with building or operating your Mauser conversion.

Topic 1. Ammunition

We have tried a couple different brands of ammunition and here is what we have found with our rifles. Note that each rifle will operate a little different. We will add more as we test them.

1.Wolf ammo, many problems with ejection, lacquer on the cartridge gums up the chamber, poor accuracy. Avoid this ammo in this rifle.

2.Winchester, very good ammo overall. good accuracy.

3. PMC, very good overall, very good accuracy.

4. S&B, feeds and ejects very well, accuracy ok.

Topic 2. Magazines

1.We have been using some cheap import mags and some cheap USA made mags. Both work well with 6 rounds but the 7th round does not like to feed.

2.We will be testing some premium mags from McCormick soon.

Topic 3. Function problems.

1. Problems with the magazine getting stuck

  1. The magazine can not easily be inserted or removed unless the bolt is open.

  2. The follower tip must be bent down or the bolt will get stuck and will not open.

2. Bolt is very tight or binds up.

  1.    This can be adjusted by backing out the screw that holds the front of the trigger guard. Start with backing it out a half turn, this helps a lot.

  2. Check for obstructions in the chamber or receiver ring area.

  3. Adjust the type of ammunition. Some types just do not feed very well and will cause many problems.

3. Ejection of cases

   1. Case ejection is not very good. We will have a new ejector that fixes this. It is a easy snap in ejector.

Topic 4, types of rifles used or tested.

1. VZ-24 has been tested and works very well.

2. M48, M48a from Yugoslavia. These work ok, for the price go with something else.

3. K98, German. We will be trying one in late January.

4. VZ-22 we will be trying one in late January.

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