The FAL 45acp Greasegun conversion

Introduction building the FAL 45acp Magazine Info

This is a FAL conversion in 45acp. This version uses Greasegun M3 magazines. It is a very fun and light weight carbine to shoot. These are proving to be very accurate. The Grease gun conversion can be built on all FAL receivers except the Aluminum types, due to the M3 magazine modification requirements.  These are in stock and shipping weekly.

These are closed bolt, blow back operated. They use the standard FAL bolt/carrier with modifications or the Rhineland Arms Para bolt. The barrel length is 16.25" long and can be set up to use the DSA shorty or regular hand guards. 

These are not very fun for the due-it-yourselfer to build and are picky about the magazine manufacture. Also it is not advised to use high-power ammo.

Pricing: around $250-$450 depending on options, please email for a quote.

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