FAL 45acp Grease Gun conversions



1. Grease Gun conversions

        The Grease Gun mag needs to be converted  if you do not want to machine out the magazine well of the receiver, you can not mill the mag well out of a William Aluminum receiver. I have only used a milling machine for this but a grinder should also work. When using a milling machine cut the left side first as it is usually warped and will mess up the right side if you were to cut it first.

Right side, cut it down so it is nearly level with the normal part of the mag
Left side, cut this side first, it will help make the cut on the left side more level. Cut it so that it is nearly level with the rest of the magazine.

2. Fitting the Grease Gun adapter to the receiver. When it is time to install the magazine adapter, it is best to polish up and or regrind the pins before inserting them. They should be very tight. Pictures soon.