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Scorpion stocks for Savage MK2, M93, Marlin XT 22, XT magnum, Cz455 and 1022

ON SALE-1022 walnut only
New for Fall 2016, Scorpion stocks for Ruger 1022 rifles.
available in unfinished walnut and zebra wood.

Picatinny rails for the bottom are available on our Para stock page.
Scorpion-1022 stock sale

Scorpion Stocks
 The Scorpion stock is desgined with the most advanced features to take your rimfire rifle to the next level and change as your requirements do.  No matter the field, no matter the range.

 The Scorpion stock features a solid american walnut core with extra thick sections for minimal flex and maximum point to point accuracy. Mutliple hard points to attach all the swivels, bipods and rails you will need for field use. A wide flat bottom for increase stability for off hand as well as bench rest shooting. The skeletal stock is machined from solid billet aluminum for maxium strength yet light weight. The check rest and recoil pad are made from plastic, with the check rest being adjustable for check weld  as well as upgradeable to articulated aluminum designs for compeititon shooting. 100% made in the USA with US sourced raw material..

Savage MK2 and M93 Marlin XT22 and XT22magnum Cz455
The Savage version fits all current 22LR, 22Mag and 17hmr versions and all barrel diameters. This includes the Savage MK2,  Savage M93, FVSR etc.

Now available in Zebra Wood
The Marlin version fits all 22LR, 22 mag, 17hmr versions of the xt-22 and 917 bolt actions versions. Now Available.

In stock
CZ 455 version fits all version in 22LR, 22Magnum and 17hmr.  Now available.

On Sale!
Scorpion-Savage stocks

Scorpion-marlin stocks

Scorpion-Savage stocks
Weight     2.5-2.75 pounds          
Over all length     - 39.5"              
Length of pull    -13.5"            
NOW SHIPPING Scorpion stocks 3/15/15

Articulated aluminum recoil pad $35-still in design
Articulated aluminum check rest $35-still in design


Savage stocks require the use of either factory or aftermarket bottom metal.

Marlin stocks require the use of either factor or aftermarket bottom metal.

CZ stocks use the factory bottom metal fine.

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