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Vepr SVD kits and AK stock parts
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Paduak wood kits will be back in stock Feb 10th. Currently accepting back orders. Please allow 1 week extra for kits with a finish applied.
Vepr/SVD kit updates for 2016

Vepr handguards are now longer for better customization and include the special mounting screw.

Vepr tiger maple wood is getting harder to find. We now offer 3 grades.

Grade 1, heavy stripping on the stock and best available on the handguads
Grade 2, good stripping on all parts, will be hard to see until its wet.           
Grade 3, feature very little to no stripping. Great for Russian red, orange    

AK and Vepr parts
Vepr Paduak wood
Vepr stock kits

Vepr-SVD stock kits


 Available in Paduak wood, Tiger Maple wood and Walnut All  in stock for December 2016


These will fit all slant back receivers on the Vepr rifles and feature a longer more confortable Length of Pull. The rear stock has an adjustable rubber check rest and a rubber recoil pad. Handguards are now oversized to fit all models and will need to be custom fit on the rear tab and can be modifed on on the front to a slanted style. Includes the recoil pad, check rest and all hardware including the crazy special screw for the handgaurds.  The walnut kits will feature longer vent slots on the handguards. All kits are sold as sanded only and need to be finished. 


Length of Pull = 14.5"

Length of handguard = 10.875"


Due to the scarcity of tiger maple, we are offering 3 grades of the tiger maple stocks


Shown to the left-walnut wood kit, unstained or sealed.


 Vepr SVD kits in Padauk wood.

This wood comes closest to the Russian plywood red look. The HG shown to the left has been sanded down to a 320grit and only one application of natural tung oil applied. The wood will have a deep reddish look and with time will change to a darker plumb color. We have only a few sets of this fine wood available for Chirstmas 2016. We will have more sets available in Jan 2017 and will take backorders if needed. Our Padauk wood sets are sold as lightly sanded only and need to be finished out.

 This wood is the easiest wood we have ever worked with if you want to acheive a nice finish. Just sand very throughly in this step or similar, 80g/120g/180g/220g/320g then a pure tung oil finish rubbed on lightly then buffed out immeditaly. Will be dry to the touch in 24 hours. The only thing to watch out for are sanding marks, they will show easily once oiled, with this wood.
  Vepr/SVD Tiger Maple kits

Please note that the stripes in the tiger maple are not visible in pictures until you add a dye to the wood. Please visit the customer pictures for an idea on what this wood looks like when it is finished.  Shown to the left is a Vepr with a tiger maple SVD stock kit.
   Panther stock kit for Vepr

This is a stock that we have made in the past for AK and PSL rifles. This is a prototype only. We are not sure if we will produce it. If there is interest, we will.  The LOP is very short on the one shown, we will make it longer with a better recoil pad.
AK Rail stock with adjustable check rest and stock pitch. Made from 6061 aluminum with your choice of tiger maple or walnut check rest. Fits all standard AK rifles. first generation.

Available $48.00


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