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Romanian PSL 54c Stocks


The AR 57 was invented at Rhineland Arms and developed over a couple years. Follow the design history of the AR57 below.  Keep an eye on us, we are  leaders in 5.7mm rifle designs with more rifle designs in the works.


This is the very first working  prototype, note the lack of cocking handles and proper magazine releases. This early prototype had the recoil spring located in the upper receiver with spring assembly held in place with 2 HK take down pins and shown.


This is a second mildly improved version of the AR57 with better scope rails on the size and bottom and the recoil spring assembly removed and the use of the AR springs begins. We have finally changed out  the magazine release pins with flat head screws. Test firing showed the need for some internal changes.


A new generation and we have changed out several parts and added proper cocking handles on both sides as well as much improved magazine release levers. Still not  production ready upper.


This is one of 20 pre-production prototypes made. The design shows the evolution of the top scope rail and a different production method including refined cocking knobs and magazine release levers. This model used a much improved ejector done by Wise Lite Arms.


  This is the current design of the AR57, with further design changes available in the future, I am sure.


Made in the USA