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  7.62*39 adapter instructions

Step 1, installing the magazine adapter. Simply insert the magazine adapter into the Mauser mag well and use a C clamp or vise to press them together and drill a 1/8" hole in the location proivded. This should be around 3/4" from the bottom of the mauser adapter and around 5/16 from the rear. Their is a good amount of wiggle room available. If you are using a drill bit from a retail store-we highly recomend Milwakee brand drill bits as they are more accurate than the others in diameter.

Once the hole is drilled, use one of the provided tension pins and pount it into place. You should not need to do any trimming and the adapter is now finished.

The second tension pin provided is to cover any screw ups.

View of the finished mag adapter. Please note the finish on the aluminunm part is a hard annodization and can be difficult to get the drill bit start in. If that is the case, you a punch to mark your spot and hit it with a hammer. 

The annodized surface can accept most any paint, we do recomend heating the part up to around 250 degrees first. If you use heat curing of the paint, do not exceed 250 degrees.
Step 3, barrel installation coming soon.




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