The 10/22 Leopard stock, now available in black

The Rhineland Arms Leopard stock for the Ruger 10/22 is back in production with some new  changes to allow for higher production levels and lower price. The stock shown to the left is a demo only, the stocks to the right are actual samples with the composite black on top and the unfinished walnut on the bottom.

  This stock is  available in  solid American walnut or Mahogany with a straight grain pattern to the wood.  Features include a adjustable check rest and butt pad. The cheek rest is made of a medium hard rubber as is the butt-pad. The barrel is free floated and you can use barrel size up to 1" including a suppressor. The receiver is locked in place with a adjustable cam on the rear or the receiver, this is a very rigid set up developed for the 1022 system.  Multiple hard points on the sides, bottom and front allow for mounting accessories. Lock knobs are military pattern and can be moved to either the left or right side for a fully ambi-dext stock.

 The  check rest is adjusted using locking knobs located on the sides and the recoil pad is now adjusted with flushed mounted nuts on both sides for a rigid lockup. The butt pad will give a length of pull of 13.5-15". The check rest has a adjustability of 1".

Improvements over the last generations model--The trigger is now moved foreword from the pistol grip much feature, the pistol grip is wider in both directions, the recoil pad is much tighter and locked in by a 2 set screws for each extension rod, the 1st model only had a single screw on one rod).

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2 tone camo on leopard rifle stock.


Leopard stocks getting ready for shipping.

Spring 2010




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