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Romanian PSL 54c Stocks

               How-To-Refinish PSL stocks 


The Romanian PSL 54c has a very easy system of mounting the furniture sets including the upper and lower hand guards and the rear stock. Take some time to learn how to remove them and it will be as easy as giving a kid candy.


Step 1, make sure the rifle is unloaded by removing the magazine and retracting the bolt back to make sure the chamber is clear.


Step 2, remove the top cover by depressing the recoil spring detent, next remove the recoil spring and finally pull the bolt all the way back and remove it.


Step 3, now the fun begins. See figure one. Unlock the top gas tube lever. You are going to need a flat blunt object like a punch but if all you have is a flat bladed screwdriver use the largest one you have, see fig 1 and apply the flat object to the lever that is shown by the red arrow. Apply it as shown and give it a very light tap with a small hammer until it moves up and over the main block. Now you can take the gas tube and lift it straight up, see Fig 2. To remove the wood from the gas tube, simply grab hold of the wood with one hand and the metal with the other and twist them 180 degrees. 

Fig 1 Fig 2


Step 4, now remove the lower hand guard, there is a small locking lever on the front mounting bracket see Fig 5 and follow the red arrow. Flip it up with a large regular screw driver then push the bracket forward. Now the hand guard can be pushed forward and lowered off the rifle, see Fig 6.

Fig 5 Fig 6


Step 5, removing the rear stock. The first thing to do is to grind off the bottom of the rear screw with a Dremmel, see Fig 7 the green arrow shows the area to grind and the yellow arrow shows the tip of the screw cut off. Now unscrew the rear screw and there is another located inside the receiver area, see Fig 8 for locations. The stock will now slide out the back of the rifle, however you will need to use a block of wood to tap it out, see Fig 9. Apply the flat part of the wood against the rear of the stock as shown in Fig 4 and give it a several very light taps until it begins to slide out, you can also put the block of wood in front of the pistol grip, thats probably a better spot. Your rifle is now ready to be built back up with the new furniture set.

Fig 7 Fig 8
Fig 9  


On installing your new furniture, everything is in reverse starting with the stock. However use great caution with installing the rear stock or it could split. We recommend slipping it on by hand as far as you can go. Next use a block of wood and a hammer and give it very light taps until it slides on. If the stock will not go on the finial 1/4 inch or so, stand the rifle up and tap it on the rear. That will seat it the rest of the way. (Note that the piece of wood from the pistol grip to the trigger guard is longer than needed. You will have to sand this down to length as needed.


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